Grant Funding is available through the Collins Retiree Volunteers in Iowa (CRVI, formerly RCRV) charitable grant program for calendar year 2019. Collins Aerospace, Inc sponsors this program.

2019 Focus Area: This year's community grant program will be available for schools and non-profits that support educational programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM).

Statement of Purpose: Allow CRVI and its members to recognize and reward deserving non-profit organizations in support of CRVI’s mission statement:

“Collins retirees connecting to identify and support volunteer needs in our community and beyond while enriching the lives of the volunteers.”

The CRVI grant program offers up to $15,000 to deserving organizations. The minimum grant award will be $1,000.

  • This year’s program targets organizations that will provide educational opportunities in STEM related subjects. Grants can be used for equipment & supplies purchase, curriculum development, or other one-time expenses that support new or existing STEM opportunities for young people. Emphasis will be on sustainable, long term programs/activities, rather than one-time events.
  • The organizations supported by these grants need to meet the same qualifications as used by Collins Aerospace, Inc. for its charitable giving program. Applicants are requested to provide documentation of non-profit status.
  • Applicants need to be recommended and endorsed by an active member of Collins Retiree Volunteers Iowa.
  • The application should be short and succinct, describing how both the funding and retirees volunteer resources will be used to support the focus area identified for this year’s grant program.
  • Request for funds may include an open ended list of opportunities such as mini-grants for participation, transportation, or a staff position for organizations that support this year’s focus area.
  • Applicants are encouraged to creatively apply for funds in collaborative ways.
  • No more than one grant will be made in any year to a particular agency.

Grant application deadline has been extended to COB April 15, 2019.

An Application Form in Microsoft Word format and the Evaluation Criteria in Adobe Reader format are available for download at Completed applications should be submitted electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please include signatures from the organization’s executive and chairman as well as the CRVI sponsor. Decisions will be announced by June 1, 2019. A committee of active CRVI members will evaluate applications and make award proposals to the CRVI Board of Directors.

All recipients of CRVI grants will be required to submit a report summarizing the results of their project and the impact it had on the target clients. Reports are due to CRVI at the conclusion of a program/project, or twelve months after receipt of a grant, whichever is earlier.

We look forward to your submission.

Annually, the RCRV organization has the privilege of making grant awards. The purpose of the RCRV Charitable Grant Program is to allow RCRV and its members to recognize and reward deserving nonprofit organizations in support of the RCRV mission. The 2015’s community grant program was available for non-profits who engage volunteers. Grants could be used for volunteer recruitment; retention and training to help the non-profit effectively and efficiently complete their mission.

We were allotted $12,500 by Rockwell Collins, versus $10,000 as in the past. Thank you, Rockwell Collins Charitable Corporation.

We received requests for $49,875 from seven agencies. A committee of four RCRV members composed of Doug Anderson, Terry Lamb, Laura White and chaired by Phil White selected five agencies to receive funds from this grant. Unfortunately, due to limited funds no agency received the full amount of their request. Grant awards were presented at our June board meeting.

The following are the recipients and their projects;

Miracles in Motion uses the energy and spirit of horses to create the healing power needed to reach disabled and differently abled children and adults in ways that other services cannot. Sponsored by Fred Zehr, Miracles in Motion will receive $4,000 for their Volunteer Round-up. Funds will be used to enhance volunteer training programs and reward volunteers, while providing opportunities for some volunteers to become certified instructors.

Gems of Hope (GOH) brings hope to cancer patients and their families through inspirational gifts, workshops, libraries and youth programs. Sponsored by Jack Murphy they will receive $3,000 for their G-Force project a new program launched in 2015. This program will give GOH tools to recruit, train and manage new volunteers as well as appreciate and develop existing volunteers. GOH is expanding beyond Cedar Rapids to the Iowa City area. The grant will assist with the funding of items such as Volunteer Management S/W, Volunteer Kits, Training and advertising.

Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center targets 18-24 year old females who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Bridgehaven comes alongside these individuals in all circumstances surrounding pregnancy and parenting. Sponsored by Terry Lamb, they will receive $2,000 for their Valuing Our Volunteers program. This program will allow staff to attend a Volunteer Coordination Training Conference as well as provide supplies for a biannual volunteer appreciation event.

Horizons, A family Service Alliance provides a variety of services such as serving more than 11,000 individuals and families through Consumer Credit Counseling, Meals On Wheels, Mental Health Counseling, and Community-Based Programs. Sponsored by David Knuth, they will be receiving $1,750 for their Horizons Volunteer Management System. This system will perform online scheduling automatic reminders, time tracking and queries for its volunteers. Our grant will supplement funding already received from other organizations to help purchase, implement and train on the use of the VolunteerHUb software.

His Hands Free Medical Clinic provides medical, dental, chiropractic, physical therapy, women’s health, pharmacy and mental health services. All medical providers are volunteers; they also rely heavily on volunteers for administrative tasks. Sponsored by Harlan Hanson, they will receive $1,750 for the recruiting of both professional and non-professional volunteers. The grant will help allow His Hands paid staff to have time to effectively market to potential volunteers, both professional and administrative.


The application process for next year’s grant program will be advertised in early 2016, and all applicant materials may be found on the RCRV website. Thanks again for everyone that works to make this possible

At the May 21st Board meeting, RCRV gave away $10,000 through its Charitable Grant Program. Four worthy recipients were selected by an evaluation committee of RCRV members chaired by Dave Knuth. Five applications were received for this year’s grant program, with requests totaling over $22,000. The 2014 program focus was on organizations that address Inspiring Tomorrow's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Professionals. The purpose of the RCRV Charitable Grant Program is to allow RCRV and its members to recognize and reward deserving nonprofit organizations in support of the RCRV mission.

At the June 19th Board meeting, RCRV gave away $10,000 through its Charitable Grant Program. Four worthy recipients were selected by an evaluation committee of RCRV members chaired by Dave Knuth. Nine applications were received for this year’s grant program, with requests totaling over $39,000.

The 2013 program focused on organizations that provide assistance to the elderly. The purpose of the RCRV haritable Grant Program is to allow RCRV and its members to recognize and reward deserving nonprofit organizations in support of the RCRV mission.