The Wheelchair Ramp Accessibility Program was started in 2004 as an effort to extend the ramp-building done by RCRV for Aging Services clients to the broader community. WRAP became a non-profit corporation in 2009, and has been continuing to grow. For the United Way Day of Caring this year, May 14 and 15, WRAP built six new ramps and removed three old ones no longer needed.

Six members of RCRV – Tom Brennom, Bob Clark, Will Michelson, Jack Murphy, Duane Sands, and Terry Schmidt -- designed the ramps. Twenty-three RCRV members, all experienced ramp builders, led the builds and mentored new volunteers with the construction. Sixty-six volunteers from Rockwell Collins, TransAmerica, and Wells Fargo, some of whom had never built anything before, did much of the work.

More than numerous landings and 208 feet of sloped sidewalk, the six new ramps are the way six people can continue to live in their homes.

Although the number of ramps built by WRAP continues to grow, so does the need. Civic groups are volunteering to help build ramps with WRAP, but there is still a need for people who can design a ramp and lead the construction by inexperienced builders. If you would like to help others in your community in this way, come to the Thursday RCRV meeting, and introduce yourself to the ramp experts who are there.