For the last 10 years, many RCRV members have been involved in projects to create equipment for Ann Griffin of the Grant Wood Area Education Agency.  Ann is responsible for the Adapted Physical Education (APE) program which supports Physical Educators tasked with teaching students with disabilities.  ( ) RCRV members have created several pieces of specialized equipment to allow disabled students to participate in PE activities.  
Ann has sent us the email below requesting support for more of this equipment.  Jim Green is the official RCRV  liaison with Ann and the Grant Wood AEA,  and if you are interested in supporting part of Ann’s request, contact Jim at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The email is the continuation of a 10 year conversation and don’t worry if you are confused about some of the references.  Ask Jim Green for background information.

For a reasonably complete list of documented projects created by RCRV members see: 

RCRV Requests from Ann Griffin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; cell:  319-389-4046
May 5, 2016
LOVE the Liaison idea!
UPDATE:  Big Ball Launcher at National Convention in Minneapolis, SHAPE America


LOTS OF Equipment in schools!!!  LOTS of smiles on kids’ faces

NEW APE programs or adaptive equipment needs 2015-16

  • Anamosa MS
  • Monticello Elementary
  • Franklin MS
  • Harding MS:  new students with physical disabilities:  Team Bella
  • Prairie Hill
  • Solon MS
  • Coolidge Elem:  Team Riley


  • LinnMar Community SD:  NEW adapted aquatics program…pool chairs like bath chairs only taller…for transport of wet students…to protect wheel chair
  • College Community:  Ridge, Hill, Creek, Point and PHS



  • Switch activated bowling ramps…need screws/check ball pusher devices
  • Small ball launchers, need some assembled (parts already cut out)
  • Bowling ramps…re screw
  • Check out battery operation of fishing machine


  • Big Ball Launcher: IOWA BIG?  Attach to STEM initiatives?  Mentor? Plans for BIG Ball launcher?  Might Jack share his plans and let someone draw them up for the website (without referring to the designer)  OR might he be willing to let someone reverse engineer the launcher so the plans could be made available?  OR might one of the STEM classes or Iowa BIG be able to make these (maybe with Jack being the mentor?)
  • Logo? PR? Sticker to put on devices?
  • QR code with directions for use on devices?