The Rockwell Collins Museum volunteers are continuing their efforts to archive all of the company magazines. Great progress has been made and you can read all of the Collins Column and Collins Signal issues on the museum web site at

In an effort to complete the collection, we are seeking donations of any issues of the Collins PRIDE Magazine published in the 1960's. We currently have only a single issue and thus do not know the extent of it's publication dates. If you have any issues of PRIDE that you would like to donate, please send them to Mike Hynek (museum curator), or contact Larry Tjaden (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Rod Blocksome (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Several RCRV members have been involved in helping build houses for Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity.  Their most recent habitat project was to help build the Pope Francis house in Cedar Rapids.

Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity (CVHFH) is a nonprofit, Christian housing ministry dedicated to building and rehabilitating simple, decent, and affordable homes in partnership with families in need in Linn and Benton counties. Partner families make a down payment, invest hundreds of hours of sweat equity into the construction of their homes and other Habitat homes, and make monthly mortgage payments on a zero-interest loan. Since 1988, Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity has built or rehabilitated more than 130 homes. 

Iowa Code 504 Issues with the RCRV Articles of Incorporation

Summary of Proposed Changes

Article II, Purpose

Issue #1:  Reword to reflect RCRV Vision and Mission Statement

            As recorded:

The Purpose of the RCRV Corporation is to promote, encourage and arrange for volunteering and providing assistive technology at various service agencies in and around the communities in which the retirees live.

            Proposed (Mission Statement, modified):

The purpose of the RCRV Corporation is to help Rockwell Collins retirees identify needs in their community and beyond, and to support volunteer activities to fulfill those needs, while enriching the lives of the volunteers through comradeship and community service.

Article III, Powers and Governing Body

Issue #2:  Reference to old Iowa Code 504A for nonprofits:  
No change, was incorporated under 504A as stated.

Issue #3:  Specification of Size of Board of Directors:  
Remove and define Board of Directors in Bylaws.

Issue #4:  Required Executive Committee:  Make permissive, not required.

            As recorded:

The corporation is organized under current and applicable provisions of the Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act, Chapter 504A of the Code of Iowa as now and hereinafter amended.  The Corporation shall have all powers and privileges that are reasonably necessary to fulfill and meeting the purposes for its existence, which are consistent with the powers granted to non–profit corporations by the general laws of the state, except those limited by these Articles.

The Corporation will be governed and directed by a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairperson, Vice–Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer plus no more than thirty–six (36) At–Large Member of the Board and Committee Chairpersons, all of whom are elected annually from among Rockwell Collins, Inc. retirees, active employees and representatives of human services and government agencies.  An Executive Committee consisting of not more than eighteen (18) persons who are Board members will deal with issues needing attention between monthly Board meetings.

            Proposed—first paragraph:  no change.

            Proposed—second paragraph: changes indicated in bold face:

The Corporation will be governed and directed by a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairperson, Vice–Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer as well as a number of standing committee chairpersons and at–large directors elected annually from among Rockwell Collins, Inc. retirees, active employees, and representatives of human service and government agencies who have an interest in the operation of RCRV.  The RCRV Bylaws shall specify the number of standing committee chairpersons and directors, and the procedures by which they are nominated, and elected, and removed from office.  An Executive Committee may be appointed to by the Board to deal with issues needing attention between monthly Board meetings  The current Directors constituting the Board of Directors is thirty(30) and the names of the persons who are to serve until the next annual meeting in November of the Corporation or until their successors are duly elected and qualified are listed on page three.

Article VII, Membership

Issue #5:  Defines Membership:  Remove from Articles of Incorporation and define membership in Bylaws.

(Current definition incompatible with new Iowa Code Section 504.  Bylaws now have compatible definition.)

            As recorded:

The membership of RCRV shall be composed of retirees, active employees of Rockwell Collins, Inc., its predecessor and/or its successor corporation and school systems, non–profit agencies and government supported agencies.

            Proposed—totally replace as follows:

Persons who meet membership requirements defined in the RCRV Bylaws are members of RCRV.  The Bylaws shall specify membership eligibility, requirements for submitting valid membership applications to RCRV, minimum required participation in RCRV activities, maintenance of membership records, and conditions under which membership may be revoked resigned or revoked.

The RCRV Bylaws may also define specific affiliations or associate relationships with non–member individuals or groups as may be deemed appropriate by RCRV.  Such affiliations do not constitute membership in RCRV.

Other Chapter 504 Iowa Nonprofit Corporations Act issues considered.  (No action proposed)

Issue #6:  Liability limitations:  Allow Iowa Code 504 to specify, 
no specific reference in Articles of Incorporation.

Issue #7:  Indemnification of Directors:  allow Iowa Code 504 to specify.

Issue #8:  Iowa Code 504 defaults on all items not addressed:  
No known exceptions.

Elected Officers    
  President Keith Sutherland
  Vice President Dave Knuth
  Secretary Treasurer Terry Lamb
  Community Projects Director Chuck Wehage
  Past President Terry Lamb
Board Members    
  Communications Director Bob Ocken
  Grant Awards Jim Green
  Information Systems Director Jim Klein
  Membership Director Kayla Paulson
  Recruiting Joe Knight
  Retiree Information Director Don Grimm
  Board Bob Clark
  Board Vern Jackson
  Board Dick Lenth
  Board Steve Schroeder
  Board Jim Spencer
  Board Joe Wells
  Board Mike Wilson
  Board Phil White
Sonsoring Agency Representatives    
  Rockwell Collins Elizabeth Cepeda
Community Service Agency Representatives    
  55+ Volunteer Initiative Kayla Paulson
  Aging Services Lindsay Glynn
  Cedar Rapids Public Library Jessica Link
  College Community Schools Kathy Waychoff
  Grant Wood AEA Ann Griffin
  Heritage Agency on Aging MelissaAdams
  Horizons Sandy Rosenberger
  Lin-Mar Schools Karla Terry
  Options of Linn County Wayne Clayton
  Red Cross Brian Keith
  Salvation Army Jenna Satzbrenner
  United Way Amy Geiger
  WRAP Angie Ehle