EIOLC Campus

A number of RCRV members are involved with Cedar Amateur Astronomers (CAA) in the operation of the Eastern Iowa Observatory and Learning Center (EIOLC).

The partnership between Cedar Amateur Astronomers and Linn County Conservation recently received a grant from the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for the development of an Outdoor Planetarium which will be located at the site of the EIOLC at 1365 Ivanhoe Road. An Outdoor Planetarium uses the actual night sky with a presentation about the visible objects in the sky using a green laser pointer. The audience sees a narrow green line from the presenter to the astronomical object so there is no confusion about what is being described.

EIOLC Outdoor Planetarium Construction of the Outdoor Planetarium will begin this Spring and is expected to be completed by Fall of 2018. The design and specific location of the Outdoor Planetarium was determined as a result of trial presentations performed by CAA to identify the seating, lighting, and audio requirements for nighttime presentations. The permanent seating is planned to accommodate 50 to 60 guests. The picture on the right shows a bird's eye view of the EIOLC campus, with the oval on the bottom showing the location of the new Outdoor Planetarium.

Cedar Amateur Astronomers provides 12 free Public Events, and an average of 60 Private Events at the EIOLC each year for community organizations, scouting groups, church groups, public and private schools, colleges, and universities.

Information regarding CAA and events at the EIOLC is available at cedar-astronomers.org. This web site includes a listing of the 12 free Public Programs at the EIOLC during 2018.