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RCRV Email Newsletter  -- February 2018

Part of the mission for RCRV is to provide useful information to retirees from Rockwell Collins. Newsletters will be published periodically through the year to support this mission.

The RCRV Charitable Grant Program is continuing in 2018

This year’s community grant program will be available for non-profits who serve the underprivileged and/or people with disabilities. Grant awards can be used for volunteer recruitment, retention and training to help the non-profit effectively and efficiently complete its mission. If you are involved with a non-profit organization that can potentially benefit from this grant program, please pass this information on to them. Note that each grant request must be endorsed by an RCRV member.

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Requesting HRA Reimbursement from OneExchange

Rockwell Collins provides a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) of up to $669 per retiree or spouse that is currently on Medicare. This HRA fund is used to reimburse the retiree for Medicare premiums for Drug Plans, Supplement policies, Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Part B.

To be eligible for this fund, the retiree must get at least one policy through OneExchange. This article provides information on how to request the reimbursement of leftover funds if your insurance policies did not use up the entire $669 fund.

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