Rockwell Collins retirees may have their medical insurance subsidized through a “Health Reimbursement Account” (HRA)  that provides $669 per year.  In order to be eligible for this HRA, at least one Medicare insurance policy (other than Part A and Part B) must be purchased through OneExchange.  With the HRA, you pay for your insurance premium each month, and you are reimbursed monthly from the HRA for the cost of the premium.  You will be reimbursed until the HRA fund of $669 is exhausted.   In general, you are eligible for the HRA funding as long as you get at least one Medicare insurance policy (e.g.  Supplement, Drug Plan or Advantage Plan) through OneExchange. 

You can request reimbursement for the Part B premium that comes out of your social security check even though you do not get this through OneExchange.  In many cases this is the easiest way to get the reimbursement.

Getting a reimbursement from last year’s HRA remainder

If your insurance policies through OneExchange for last year did not use up the entire $669, you can still request that the remaining amount be reimbursed to you by claiming the premium for Medicare Part B that was deducted from your Social Security check.  You have until March 31 to request this reimbursement. This would happen, for example, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan with a premium that is less than $55 per month. 

To claim this left-over money from last year, fill out and mail in the OneExchange “Reimbursement Form” along with a copy of last year’s "Form SSA-10909 Social Security Benefit Statement"  which lists the total deduction for Medicare Part B for last year.  You typically receive this Social Security Benefit statement in the middle of January.  The "Amount Requested"  field on the form is filled in ideally with the amount still still remaining in your HRA account.   If you don't know the amount,  put in $669,  and you will receive the amount still remaining.

The Reimbursement form is availalbe for print here.  You can also use the personalized Reimbursedment Request Form that you received from OneExchange or that you downloaded from the OneExchange website.  



Getting a full reimbursement for this year using the Medicare Part B Premium   

 If you know at the beginning of a year that you will not use all the available HRA funds on your policies through OneExchange,   you can use the “Recurring Premium Reimbursement Form”.  Using this form,  you can request that the HRA funds be applied to the Medicare Part B premiums that are deducted from your social security check every month. To claim the  money for this year, fill out and mail in the OneExchange “Recurring Reimbursement Form” along with a copy of the current year’s “Social Security Administration Important Information” letter which lists your new monthly benefit amount and the monthly deduction for Medicare Part B.   This is mailed out by Social Security during November or December of the prior year.

The Recurring Reimbursement form is available for print out here. When you print out this form, the second page provides a detailed guide on how to fill out the form.   You can also use the personalized Reimbursedment Request Form that you received from OneExchange.